Rocky Mountain Curling Association

Teams 2022

Every year the Qualico Mixed Doubles Classic attracts the top teams from around the world. And what makes our event unique is that spots are reserved for local Banff and Canmore teams to have a chance to play against the best of the best! 

Birr / Birr

United States
Regan Birr and Todd Birr
Four Seasons Curling Club MN


Glencoe Curling Club
Calgary, AB
Chelsey Carey & Colin Hodgson

Cory / Korey

United States
Korey Dropkin and Cory Thiesse
Duluth Curling Club

Libbus / Libbus

Okotoks, Alberta
Sydney Libbus and Jacob Libbus
Okotoks Curling Club

Springer / Springer

Regina, Saskatchewan
Jill Springer and Garret Springer
Highland Curling Club, Regina