Rocky Mountain Curling Association

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Scores and Video 2023/24

We are excited to be live-streaming from Sheet 3 in the Banff Curling Club during the entire event. Teams playing on this sheet will be provided wireless microphones to wear during the game and we will be interviewing players following the games. Please check back in September when we will be posting the streaming schedule.

You can view the live-stream on our YouTube Channel, and you can click on the link below to watch live-stream from previous years.

Live Streaming

  • See the Vision Electronics Sheet 3(Banff) in the Round Robin Draw below for which games are live streamed.
  • Will leave cameras up and running showing the full end of the ice (4 sheets) and people can watch maintenance work
  • Will have a countdown clock to the next broadcast put on the screen between broadcasts
  • With 360 rotating cameras – can easily stream sheets 2 and 4 if game on sheet 3 ends early to ensure full broadcasts
  • Will have post game interviews with teams  (when available)
  • All players will have wireless mic’s attached to live stream controlled by audio person and up to two commentator headsets